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Focused Autism Therapy Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programs are based on the principles of applied behaviour analysis and are designed to help children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) develop skills in one or two areas of development.

Focused ABA therapy programs focus on increasing relevant and functional life skills (for example, increasing language and communication) and decreasing less functional behaviours (for example, talking out in class, or having a tantrum).

At Superminds Autism Therapy, families in our focused ABA therapy program usually request for us to focus on helping their child with Autism learn to communicate, be more independent in their daily life, or be more successful in the community or with peers. Families in our focused ABA therapy program may also request us to focus on building learner readiness skills for successful transitions into kindergarten or elementary school, or to help their child be more co-operative and manage their bigger emotions.


Does your child benefit from a focused autism therapy IN SIMCOE PROGRAM?

A focused autism therapy in Simcoe program is perfect if your child has a small number of treatment goals, or if your child has a hard time managing his/her bigger emotions and/or co-operating with adults or teachers.

In the latter scenario, a focused ABA therapy treatment program will focus on modifying the environment to help make your child successful and on teaching your child alternative, more appropriate responses, and skills, while simultaneously targeting behaviour reduction. In the latter scenario, a focus will be placed on helping your child acquire learner readiness skills before additional skill acquisition is introduced.

This program meets the Ontario Autism Program eligibility criteria.

FOUR components in a Focused Autism Therapy in Simcoe PROGRAM

1 | Review, Discuss, Assess

At Superminds Autism Therapy, we always begin by reviewing all documents related to your child’s treatment, such as reports received from your child’s paediatrician, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, teachers, etc. At the same time, we also discuss your family’s top three priority areas of immediate focus.

We then schedule a one-hour direct observation and skills assessment based on the identified areas of focus to develop an individualized focused ABA therapy program for your child.

2 | Individualized Program

Following the assessment, we will develop your child’s individualized student plan that outlines you child’s immediate and future goals. Each child’s learning is different, so all programs determine targets for intervention, replacement skills, data collection, and teaching procedures on an individual basis. This individualized student plan is updated every 3 months based on progress on skills to date and a soft re-assessment of skills.

Your child’s clinical team will receive the program report, programs that highlight developmentally aligned targets, teaching protocols, revision and mastery criteria, and sample data collection.

Your child will receive their very own personalized therapy kit filled with motivators to ensure a successful session and also a pack of visual supports (visual schedules, reward boards/charts, regulation toolkits, and more) as applicable.

3 | Coach/train team and families on program implementation

At Superminds Autism Therapy, we utilize a Behaviour Skills Training (BST) model to teach a clinical team and your family how to implement the treatment program. The BST model follows multiple teach, model, practice, feedback, cycles to ensure fidelity of program implementation before the program is implemented with your child.

4 | Closely monitor progress and update your child’s program at minimum once per month

We closely follow your child’s ABA therapy clinical team’s implementation of the program. In addition, we review data collected by your team and work closely with your team to troubleshoot any issues that arise during the implementation.

Changes are made to the individualized student plan as necessary. For example, we may need to modify how much and how frequently we are delivering reinforcement, we may need to modify the teaching procedures, or we may need to modify the learning environment.

Examples of focused Autism Therapy Programs in Simcoe

  • Co-operation and transitioning
  • Managing bigger emotions
  • School and learner readiness skills
  • Increase in language and functional communication
  • Social skills and social communication
  • Life skills: sleep, toilet training, dressing, and more
  • Visiting a hairdresser, doctor, or dentist
  • Trips to the grocery store, the mall, indoor playgrounds, and more.



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Focused Autism Therapy in Simcoe
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