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BCBA supervision

Are you working towards becoming an RBT®, BCaBA®, BCBA®?

Let’s work together to help you achieve that goal, in due time! 

We offer RBT®, BCaBA® and BCBA® mentorship, training, and supervision in Simcoe and surrounding areas.

Our experience. We have mentored, trained, and supervised over 100 therapists to help them reach their goals of becoming certified as an RBT®, BCaBA®, or a BCBA®. We have multiple resources on hand that we use in the process to help our therapists meet all of their supervision goals.

Success rate. We set deadlines for goals and get to work to achieve those goals without missing a beat. Fun fact: We are proud to say that with our supervision and guidance, 98% of our therapists that sit to write the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board® exams pass the exams the first time they write it. 

We want you to focus on servicing your clients and families, so we make it convenient by offering individual, group, or remote, mentorship training and supervisions. 

Individual supervisions: We are busy, but that’s okay. If you’re not a part of the Superminds family, we are happy to work together because we love seeing therapists grow professionally. When a therapist grows professionally it means a few more children will get evidence based Autism ABA therapy treatments they need and deserve. Tell us a little about your client(s) and we will work out a plan together.

Group supervisions: Have you heard the buzz around our Mini Superminds and Master Superminds social skills groups and camps in Simcoe County, Caledon, and York Region? It’s the perfect opportunity to get your group supervision hours!

Remote supervisions: With experience comes efficiency. We have developed a seamless system to make supervision accessible and safe. When you need us, we are a ZOOM call away!

RBT®, BCaBA®, BCBA® mentorship and supervision in Simcoe, Caledon, York Region and surrounding areas.

The task list is changing, as are the requirements. It’s stressful, we get it. We are on top of it! Through a combination of in person and online supervisory meetings, we will work with you to ensure you have all your hours of experience in each content areas required.

Are we stuck together like glue? Definitely not! We encourage ALL our therapists (even the ones with us full time) to pursue other agencies and clinical supervisors so they get a breadth and depth of experience to help make them the powerhouse clinicians all our families deserve! We will work with you and other supervisors to ensure you receive the required hours and your experience is well rounded!


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Training and Supervision for RBT, BCaBA, and BCBA
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